Alice Springs (NT)

Alice Springs is the closest town to Uluru (Uluru is the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock), unfortunately it is still 440km away. If  you want to see Uluru you can fly into Ayers Rock airport but for cost purposes you may want to fly into Alice Springs instead. When comparing costs also take into consideration, accomodation costs.

I visited  Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park and Kings Canyon with WayOutBack. The company picked me up from Alice Sprinfs Whitr Haven backpackers. They can pick you up from a few hostels and hotels in Alice Springs or from Ayers Rock airport.

The town was bigger and more lively than I thought it would be. There was a variety of shopping including a Coles, a couple of camping / outdoor shops and KMart which sold really cheep camping gear.

Anzac Hill

Anzac Hill is located in the town centre. You can climb to the top in 5-10 minutes. It’s a great way of quickly getting a view of the whole town.

Australia - Northern Territory - Alice Springs - Anzac Hill.jpg

I returned at sunset and took some more photos.

Australia - Northern Territory - Alice Springs - Anzac Hill 2.jpg

Mount Gillen

Note: Before exploring this mountain or anywhere in Norrheen Territory, I advise you get the app called NT Publuc Safety (it is available on IOS devices, I am unsure about Android).  If you do end up needing emergency assistance this app can you give your longitude and latitude coordinates.

The mountain is 4km from the town centre, you can catch a bus half way or just walk the whole route. The walk to the mountain is completely flat and there is an IGA on route.

The walk to the top of the mountain involves a steep ascent on rocky terrain so wear walking shoes. Plus there is a section which is so steep, you have to climb it.

When you reach the top I highly recommend you mark the route you climbed up. When you are on the top it can become confusing working out which way is the right way down.

Australia - Northern Territory - Alice Springs - Mount Gillen.jpg

You can walk down the opposite way but just be warned there is not an obvious path, You have to improvise. Only go down this route if you have plenty of sunlight left. If you do go down this route you get to IlParpa Swamp. Google Maps does not work well in Ilparpa Sewamp, therefore take a detailed map of the area if you plan to go this route.

Northern Territory

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