Abel Tasman

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Journey From Wellington – We got a taxi to the ferry at 6.45am, it cost $4 per person. The ferry took between three and four hours, frustratingly we were delayed by an hour. When we arrived on the South Island we collected a new bus, had a half food break and picked up a lot of new passengers. We did not get to Abel Tasman National Park till 6.45pm, on route we stopped to do a supermarket shop. Ultimately this was a fairly terrible day.

Food and Drink – On the first night we all contributed $10 and had a group dinner. We only actually needed $8 from each person but people did not have the right change, hence the nice round number.

On the second day everyone made there own breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You were allowed to take your own drink to the hostel.

Accommodation – We stayed at Barn Backpackers, the rooms had 6 super comfy single beds in them. They only charged us $30 a night as well, bargain.

One of the kitchens was allocated to just our group which was useful.

Hiking (Free)

You can do a 23.6km hike to Anchorage (it is 11.8km each way). You do not have to do the whole walk, you can turn back at any point.  Along the route there is a number of streams, lookout points and beaches. The walk is flat and really easy.

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Water Sports (Paid)

There are a number of water sports you can do including kayaking, paddle boarding and surfing.

The sailing trip ended in Anchorage meaning the sailors got to do the whole walk but only had to do walk 11.8km.

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