Travel Tips & Thoughts

I have divided the articles into three sections

Planning and Disaster Prevention – I have faced some big problems on the road such as being shut out of my bank account on a 5100km road trip in Australia. Some of these problems were easily preventable, these guides will give you a plan B. Do not let a 5 minute problem turn into a 5 day problem because of carelessness.

SE Asia – These are similar to my destination guides but these particular ones discuss SE Asia as a whole rather than specific cities and national parks. I am particularly passionate about the SE Asia War History guide. Multiple times in SE Asia have I left war museums feeling sick, angry and numb.

Travel Thoughts – Travel gives you a new perspective on your life, home and the world. Here is a section of thoughts I have had over the last 21 months.

Planning and Disaster Prevention

Free Ways To Back Up Photos

Backing Up Photos
I have 31gb of photos backed up in the cloud, if anything happened to my laptop or phone, my photos would still be fine.

Stopping Bank Issues When Travelling
Bank Cards
First rule of travel, do not lose your passport. Second rule of travel, do not lose access to your money. I broke the second rule. 

Smart Phone Travel Apps

Smart Phone Apps

I simply could not travel without my iPhone. I use it to book accomodation, flights, taxis and so much more. 

SE Asia

Food Costs in SE Asia

SE Asia Food Prices
In some parts of SE Asia you can get ‘super cheap street food’, but do not be mislead into thinking you can get $1 meals everywhere.

SE Asia War History

SE Asia War History
Learning about the conflicts in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos has broken me emotionally and left me furious.

Travelling On Night Buses

Night Bus

Sometimes night buses are cheap, comfortable and get to your next destination at 8am. Othertimes they are uncomfortable and arrive at 4am.

Travel Thoughts

Australia Verses Europe

Australia Verses Europe
One has pristine beaches and lots of empty space. The other is crowded and home to countless foods, languages and famous buildings.

Reasons For Not Travelling England

Reasons For Not Travelling England
Americans are often derided for not travelling outside of America, although is it necessarily a bad thing to want to see your own country.

Things Backpackers Do Not Say

Things Backpackers Do No Say
Every country has its problems. The problems in this list are ones that will be familiar with backpackers in Oceania and SE Asia.